Biosketch e CV:

December 1991: Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Siena with 110/110 “cum laude”.

Affiliation: Department of Physiology (previously, Institute of General Physiology), University of Siena.

October 1992: she won doctorate in ‘Cellular Phisiology and Neuroimmunophisiology’ for Institute of General Physiology and Alimentary Sicence of University of Siena.

February1996- today: Technician in Department Phisiology, now in Department Science of Life University of Siena.

July1997: she debated the thesis of doctorate achieving the qualification.

Today she performs research activity concerning human reproduction and she supports teaching activity

Research Interests

Molecules involved in the materno-fetal immunotolerance: an evolutionary aspect;

Role of Cytokines in human pregnancy;

Potential interference by diet/environmental chemicals on placenta establishment and development.

Selected Publications

Corallo C, Paulesu L, Cutolo M, Ietta F, Carotenuto C, MannelliC, Romagnoli R, Nuti R, Giordano N. Serum levels, tissue expression and cellular secretion of macrophage migrationinhibitory factor in limited and diffuse systemic sclerosis. Clin Exp Rheumatol. 33:S98-105(2015).

Mannelli C, Szóstek AZ, Lukasik K, Carotenuto C , Ietta F,Romagnoli R, Ferretti C, Paulesu L, Wołczynski S, Skarzynski DJ. Bisphenol A modulates receptivity and secretory function of human decidual cells:an in vitro study. Reproduction. 150:115-25(2015).

Spagnoletti A, Paulesu L, Mannelli C, Ermini L, Romagnoli R,Ci ntorino M, Ietta F. Low concentrations of Bisphenol A and para-Nonylphenol affect extravillouspathway of human trophoblast cells. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 412:56-64(2015).

Daveri E, Valacchi G, Romagnoli R, Maellaro E, Maioli E. Antiproliferative Effect of Rottlerin on Sk-Mel-28 Melanoma Cells. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 545838(2015).

Cardaropoli S, Ietta F, Romagnoli R, Rolfo A, Paulesu L, Todros T. Lower macrophage migration inhibitory factor concentrations in maternal serum beforepre-eclampsia onset. J Interferon Cytokine Res. Jul;34:537-42(2014).

Carderopoli S, Paulesu L, Romagnoli R, Ietta F,Marzioni D, Castellucci M, Vasario E, Piccoli E, Todros T. Macrophage inhibitory factor in phetoplacental tissues from preeclaptic pregnancy with or without growth restriction. Clin Dev. Immunol. 639342(2012).

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Jantra S, Paulesu L, Lo Valvo M, Lillo F, Ietta F, Avanzati AM, Romagnoli R, Bechi N, Brizzi R. Cytokine components and mucosal immunity in the oviduct of Xenopus laevis (Amphibia, pipidae). General and Comparative Endocrinolog 33, 157-163 (2012).

Bachiocco V, Bergamaschi R, Spinsanti G,Lima M, Romagnoli R, Sorda G, Aloisi AM. Linphocyte TRPV1-4 gene expression and MIF bloods levels in a young girl clinically diagnosed with HSAN IV. Clin J Pain 27, 631-634 (2011).