Plant Diversity and Community Ecology

The general focus of our research is to investigate the communities, at different organization levels and under different perspectives, in order to understand the rules governing their structure, composition, diversity and functioning. The focus of our research is on vascular plants, bryophytes and fungi.

The specific topics of our research include:

• Monitoring plant communities with particular attention to the methodological soundness in study planning and data analyses

• Dependence of plant species distribution and community structure on environmental factors

• Analyzing the effects of forest management on fungal communities, mycosilviculture

• Biotic pollination and plant-animal interactions

• Divulgation and Citizen science.

The main applications of our research include monitoring of natural resources, biomonitoring, biological conservation and management of protected areas.

Researchers involved in the activities

Claudia Angiolini  – Assistant professor

Debora Barbato – Post-doc

Ilaria Bonini – Research Technician

Paolo Castagnini – Research Technician

Emanuele Fanfarillo – Post-doc

Massimo Guarnieri – Research Technician

Simona Maccherini  – Assistant Professor

Tommaso Martinelli – Post-doc

Massimo Nepi – Associate Professor

Claudia Perini – Assistant Professor

Elena Salerni – Research Technician

Giulio Zangari – Post-doc

Funded Projects

National projects:

HASCITu - HAbitat in the Site of Community Importance in Tuscany Claudia Angiolini

Collaborating institutions: UNIFI

International projects:

SelPiBioLife, Innovative silvicultural treatments to enhance soil biodiversity in artificial black pine stands

EC project LIFE 13 BIO/IT/000282

Salerni Elena, Perini Claudia and Angiolini Claudia

Collaborating institutions: CREA Centro di ricerca per la selvicoltura (coordinator), CREA Centro di ricerca per l’agrobiologia e la pedologia, Unione dei comuni Amiata Val d’Orcia, Unione dei Comuni Pratomagno, Compagnia delle Foreste