foto Simona Maccherini
Biosketch and CV

Education: 1992  Degree in Biological Sciences “Cum Laude” University of Siena; 2006  PhD in Science and Technology Applied to Environment, University of Siena.

She deal with biodiversity and plant community ecology. Current research are in ecology of remnant vegetation; methodological aspects of restoration monitoring, and cross-taxon congruence. Her favorite tools of investigation are: experimental and sampling design for short and long term study, uni and multivariate analysis techniques. She is Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Vegetation Science and Reviewer for many Scientific Journal.

Research Interests
  • vegetation ecology
  • restoration ecology
  • conservation biology
Research Group

Biodiversity and Community Ecology


Claudia Angiolini

Ilaria Bonini

Alessandro Chiarucci


Lecturer in Vegetation Science

Selected Publications
  1. F. Gallart, M. Marignani, N. Pérez-Gallego, E. Santi, S. Maccherini.  Thirty years of studies on badlands, from physical to vegetational approaches. A succinct review Catena, 106, 4-11. (2013)
  2. D. Torri, E. Santi, E., M. Marignani, M. Rossi, L. Borselli, S. Maccherini. The recurring cycles of biancana badlands: Erosion, vegetation and human impact Catena, 106, 22-30. (2013)
  3. P. Giordani, G. Brunialti, L. Frati, G. Incerti, L. Ianesch, E. Vallone, G. Bacaro, S. Maccherini.
    Spatial scales of variation in lichens: Implications for sampling design in biomonitoring surveys. Environ. Monit. Assess. 185, 1567-1576. (2013)
  4. S. Maccherini, E. Santi. Long-term experimental restoration in a calcareous grassland: Identifying the most effective restoration strategies. Biol. Conserv. 146, 123-135. (2012)
  5. S. Maccherini, M. Marignani, M. Gioria, M. Renzi, D. Rocchini, E. Santi, D. Torri, J. Tundo, O. Honnay. Determinants of plant community composition of remnant biancane badlands: A hierarchical approach to quantify species-environment relationships Appl. Veg. Sci. 14, 378-387 (2011)
  6. S. Maccherini, G. Bacaro, L. Favilli, S. Piazzini, E. Santi, M. Marignani. Congruence among vascular plants and butterflies in the evaluation of grassland restoration success Acta Oecol. 35, 311-317 (2009)
  7. M. Marignani, M., Rocchini, D., Torri, D., Chiarucci, A., Maccherini, S.
    Planning restoration in a cultural landscape in Italy using an object-based approach and historical analysis. Landscape Urban Plan. 84, 28-37 (2008)
  8. S. Maccherini, M. Marignani, P. Castagnini, P.J. van den Brink. Multivariate analysis of the response of overgrown semi-natural calcareous grasslands to restorative shrub cutting
    Basic Appl. Ecol. 8, 332-342 (2007)
  9. A. Chiarucci, A., S. Maccherini. Long-term effects of climate and phosphorus fertilisation on serpentine vegetation Plant Soil, 293, 133-144 (2007)
  10. S. Maccherini. Small-scale spatial structure in a remnant calcareous grassland. Belg. J. Bot., 139, 103-114(2006)