Sandro Lovari
Biosketch and CV

SL has been at the universities of Cambridge, Groningen, Stockholm, Parma, Camerino and Siena. His interests lie on the behaviour, ecology and conservation of meso-large mammals. Has carried out research projects in Italy, Canada, Kenya, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Has been awarded the Glaxo Prize for Science Popularisation (1984) and the prize “Personality of the Year” by CIC (1999). Is member of 4 IUCN-SSC Specialist Groups. Has published over 160 full papers and seven books, besides several hundred popular articles.

Research interests

Reproductive behaviour

Feeding behaviour

Ecological competition and coexistence

Predator-prey relationships

Conservation biology

Research group


Dr Francesco FERRETTI


Dr Emiliano MORI

Dr Uzma KHAN



Teaching activities

Animal behaviour and Behavioural ecology

Wildlife Management

Selected publications

Alessandro Massolo, Andrew J. Spalton,  Tim H. Tear, Mark W. Lawrence, L. Said al Harsusi & Sandro Lovari. Dynamic social system in Nubian ibex: can a second mating season develop in response to arid climate? J. Zool., Lond. 274, 216–225 (2008)

Sandro Lovari, Roberto Boesi, Isabelle Minder, Nadia Mucci, Ettore Randi, Andrea Dematteis & Som B. Ale. Restoring a keystone predator may endanger a prey species in a human-altered ecosystem: the return of the snow leopard to Sagarmatha National Park. Anim. Conserv. 12, 559-570 (2009)

Sandro Lovari, Bernardo Pellizzi, Roberto Boesi & Leonida Fusani. Mating dominance amongst male Himalayan tahr: Blonds do better. Behav. Proc. 81, 20-25 (2009)

Anna Bocci, Giuseppe Canavese & Sandro Lovari. Even mortality patterns of the two sexes in a polygynous, near-monomorphic species: is there a flaw? J. Zool., Lond. 280, 379-386 (2010)

Luca Corlatti, Rita Lorenzini & Sandro Lovari. The conservation of the chamois Rupicapra spp. Mamm. Rev 41, 163-174 (2011)

Francesco Ferretti, Andrea Sforzi & Sandro Lovari. Behavioural interference between ungulate species: roe are not on velvet with fallow deer. Behav. Ecol. & Sociobiol. 65, 875-887 (2011)

Luca Corlatti, Rita Lorenzini & Sandro Lovari. The conservation of the chamois Rupicapra spp. Mamm. Rev. 41, 163-174 (2011)

Luca Corlatti, Stephane Béthaz, Achaz von Hardenberg, Bruno Bassano, Rose Palme & Sandro Lovari. Hormones, parasites and male mating tactics in Alpine chamois: identifying the mechanisms of life history trade-offs. Anim Behav. 84, 1061-1070 (2012)

Luca Corlatti, Martina Caroli, Venusta Pietrocini & Sandro Lovari. Rutting behaviour of territorial and nonterritorial male chamois: is there a home advantage? Behav. Process. 92, 118-124. (2013)

Franck E. Zachos, Tim H. Clutton-Brock, Marco Festa-Bianchet, Sandro Lovari, David W. Macdonald & George B. Schaller. Species splitting puts conservation at risk. Nature 494, 35 (2013)