Pharmacology of the Nervous System

Characterization of the complex network of the pathways underpinning acute and chronic neurodegenerative diseases, focusing on the disturbance in redox homeostasis, as common mechanism behind five pivotal risk factors: aging, oxidative stress, inflammation, glycation, and vascular injury.

Neuroprotection provided by natural as well as newly synthetized compounds and characterization of the involved intracellular signalling pathways.
Targeting GABA-ergic system and Taurine as a strategy for reverting brain ecitotoxic-induced damage.
Novel inhibitors of ATP-dependent efflux transporters at the blood brain barrier.
Receptors of the central nervous system and their pharmacological and biochemical relationship with novel drugs.
Characterization of mitochondral protective agents (metabolic modulators of aldheide dehydrogenase) and antiapoptotic strategies on endothelial damage induced by Amyloid beta or ROS
Profiling of vasoactive factors in neurovascular disorders
Research Group
Lorenzo Bazzani
Martina Monti
Sandra Donnini
Maria Frosini
Lucia Morbidelli
Massimo Valoti
Marina Ziche
Research projects financed:
“Focusing on risk factors to search for novel protective strategies in neurodegenerative diseases: targeting the cellular redox system”
PRIN (call 2015), Agency: Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research
Duration: 36 months (2017-2019), Principal Investigator: Marina Ziche
Research Units:
Department of Pharmacology, University of Bologna (Coordinator)
Department for Life Quality Studies, University of Bologna
Dept. Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Milan
Institute of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of Messina