Behavioural Ecology, Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Management

The activities of this Research Unit are concerned with key-aspects of behavioural ecology and behaviour of meso-large mammals (carnivores, ungulates, lagomorphs and large rodents) to identify adaptations of behaviour and ecology to environmental variations, as well as suggesting appropriate measures for the conservation/management of wildlife.

Specific research themes have been:

  • Reproductive behaviour, including long-term analyses of costs and benefits of Alternative Mating Tactics.
  • Adaptive mechanisms of coexistence and interspecific interactions, including competition, coexistence and predator-prey relationships.
  • Foraging behaviour, including food habits, selection of food resources and feeding efficiency.
  • Social behaviour, including agonistic, vigilance and parental behaviour.
  • Spatial behaviour, including ranging behaviour and habitat selection.
Researchers involved in the activities

Sandro Lovari, Senior Professor

Francesco Ferretti, Researcher

Emiliano Mori, Post-Doc

Niccolò Fattorini, PhD Student

Antonella Cotza, PhD Student

Funded Projects

National projects:

PRIN Project 2010-2011 2010P7LFW4 'Genomica e interazione ospite-agente patogeno: un modello di studio nella  prospettiva della One-Health', supported by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

National Coordinator: Prof. S. D'Amelio, University of Rome "La Sapienza".

Other participants: University of Rome "La Sapienza"; University of Pisa; University of Turin; University of Foggia; University of Milan; University of Siena.

Participants of the Res. Unit of Behavioural Ecology, Ethology and Wildlife Management: Prof. Sandro Lovari; COFUND-Marie Curie: Dr. Francesco Ferretti

Valutazione della consistenza delle popolazioni e dello stato parassitologico del tamia siberiano in Italia. Analisi della nicchia ecologica e del rischio di future invasioni"  - Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei

International projects:

Research project "Diet and competition in changing environments" - Senior Research Fellowship at Durham University (recipient: Dr. Francesco Ferretti; host: Dr. Philip A. Stephens, School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Durham University).