Glycobiology of Complex Systems

Glycans participate in bio-communication, such as cell to cell recognition, sperm-egg recognition, embryonic development and carcinogenesis because of their property of storing biological signals based on the great variety of structures and modifications. Our research group has a long-standing interest in the role and structure of fucosylated glycans. In the past we explored these molecules on reproductive biology, actually our research is focused on their role in cancer cells.

Currently we are analyzing:

- localization and role of fucosylated glycans into the cancer cells and on their plasma membrane.

- mechanisms of cellular uptake of lectins binding fucosylated epitopes.

- effectiveness of liposomes functionalized with lectins recognizing fucose as drug delivery systems.

Researchers involved in the activities:

Floriana Rosati

Cinzia Della Giovampaola

Antonietta Capone, staff scientist.

Domenico Nolfi, PhD student