Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Preclinical characterization of synthetic and natural derived compounds in modulating cardiovascular functions, with particular attention  on  the role of gaseous  transmitters and ion channels in the cardiovascular pathophysiology

  • Evaluation of the role of gaseous transmitter (nitric oxide and hydrogen sulphide) pathways in endothelial function and angiogenesis.
  • Preclinical characterization of synthetic and natural compounds (nutraceuticals) in the maintenance of vascular and lymphatic functions and angiogenesis.
  • Experimental research on natural compounds as modulators of calcium and potassium channels in single vascular smooth muscle cell by means of the patch-clamp technique: medicinal plants as source of novel scaffolds/drugs for the treatment of vascular diseases.
  • Cardiovascular safety pharmacology of novel multidrug resistance inhibitors: from cells to isolated organs based assays.
  • Discovery of novel and cardioselective diltiazem-like calcium channel blockers

Researchers involved in the activities:

Beatrice Gorelli (tecnico)

Martina Monti

Erika Terzuoli

Valerio Ciccone

Miriam Durante


Sandra Donnini

Fabio Fusi

Lucia Morbidelli

Ranieri Rossi

Simona Saponara