Plant Physiology

Physiology of Reproduction of Pteridophytes and Spermatophytes
Plant defence systems against pathogens
Identification of precocious markers of seed deterioration during long term storage
Analysis of seed reserves mobilization by optical and electron microscope and SDS-PAGE electrophoresis
Effects of heavy metals on plant cell, seed germination and reserve mobilization
Genotoxicity induced by heavy metals on seeds
Determination of enzymatic and non enzymatic antioxidants in plant materials
Characterization of nutritional metabolites in food plants grown in different regions at different developmental stages by spectrophotometric and Mass Spectrometry analysis
Effects of nanoparticles (alloysite nanotubes and titanium bioxide) on structure, ultrastructure and metabolism of several plants
Analysis of antioxidant systems in alophyte plants, during seed germination and plantlet formation

Researchers involved in the activities:
Lorenza Bellani (RESEARCHER)
Simonetta Muccifora (RESEARCHER)