Biosketch and CV

Since 2005 Senior Researcher and Adjunct Professor of Systematic Botany at the University of Siena. She’s interested in vegetation science, floristic studies and conservation topics, with emphasis on plant species and plant community ecology and distribution pattern. She is expert in statistical multivariate analysis of ecological data. Current research is mainly focused on plant communities assemblages and habitat of conservation interest in wetlands (rivers and lakes) and coastal dunes. She cooperated as scientific responsible and coordinator in various national projects with focus on plant communities in Natural Reserves and SCI (Sites of Community Interest). She worked in international projects as LIFE and INTERREG. She collaborated in the definition of SCI, ecological corridors, EU Directive Habitats and Important Plant areas at regional and national level and in the drafting of the manual for EU Habitat monitoring for the Italy.

Research Interests

Expansion of knowledge of flora and vegetation in central Italy, with particular attention to protected areas of the provinces of Siena, Grosseto and Arezzo.

Ecology, plant diversity, biogeography, syntassonomy and conservation strategies of plant communities classified as habitat of community interest according to the “Habitat Directive” 92/43 EEC, with realization of national and / or European scale synthesis.

Distribution pattern of species and plant communities in wetlands (rivers and lakes) both inland and coastal with focus on relationships between species and environmental parameters. One of the goal is to provide adequate management and conservation lines.

Teaching Activities

Her Siena University teaching activities began in 2000 with her appointment as Adjunct Professor in Laboratory of Sistematic Botany. From 2003 to 2005 she also teaches “Plant Biotechnology”, and “Floristic survey”. Since 2005 she is Adjunct Professor in “Systematic botany” at the Natural Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Biological Sciences courses.

Selected Publications

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