Beatrice GORELLI


1977 High School Graduated in Industrial Chemistry ( Institute of Industrial and Technical Chemistry “Tito Sarrocchi”, Siena , Italy).

2005 agro-food tecnologist qualification, with experimental thesis:” molecular characterization through microsatellites of Tuscan genotypes of olea europea” in professional course “genetic analysis and traceability of agri-food supply chains” organized by ARSIA Regione Toscana


Feb.1983/Apr 2001 Technical Assistant at the Institute of Pharmacological Sciences, University of Siena, Italy.

May 2001/Apr 2009 Technical Officer at the Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Siena, Italy

May 2009/Nov 2012 Technical Officer at the Department of Neuroscineces, University of Siena, Italy

Dec 2012-present Research technician at the Department of Sciences of Life, University of Siena, Italy



Cardiovascular liabilities of novel multidrug resistance reverting agents and antineoplastic drugs (in vitro; ex vivo)


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Fusi F, Durante M, Gorelli B, Perrone MG, Colabufo N, Saponara S . MC225, a novel probe for P-glycoprotein PET Imaging at the blood-brain barrier: in vitro cardiovascular safety evaluation. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 70:405-410. (2017)

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