Systematics and Evolution of Arthropods

Research lines of the Arthropods systematics and evolution team are centered around two main topics: 1) the “traditional” study of systematics and morphology of species that live in protected areas; 2) the analysis of the phylogenetic and phylogeographic relationships of soil taxa, with specific interest to basal hexapods, and oribatid mites. Screening of biodiversity, in protected areas, is performed collecting soil invertebrates that are subsequently classified using ad hoc taxonomic keys. Phylogenetic and population genetics surveys are applied comparing some molecular markers (up to complete mtDNA genomes) obtained from the specimens under study, and providing a description of the relationships among taxa, according to their molecular affinities.

  • Molecular phylogeny of basal hexapods
  • Phylogeographic study of Antarctic Springtails
  • Invertebrate Systematics and biodiversity of protected areas
  • Taxonomy and Reproduction of Springtails
Researchers involved in the activities

Francesco Frati - Full Professor

Pietro Paolo Fanciulli - Associate Professor

Antonio Carapelli - Associate Professor

Massimo Migliorini - Research Technician

Giacomo Spinsanti - Research Technician

Chiara Leo - PhD Student

Funded Projects