Pietro Paolo FANCIULLI

Pietro Paolo Fanciulli
Biosketch and CV

Prof. Pietro Paolo Fanciulli graduated in Biological Sciences in 1981, and obtained his PhD in Animal Biology in 1987. His scientific research mostly focusses on Evolutionary Biology, Reproductive Biology and Entomology. As an entomologist, he is a specialist of the systematics of soil arthropods, with a special interest in Collembola. The research interests of P.P. Fanciulli with these taxa are mainly devoted to the faunistic inventory of areas of significant naturalistic and environmental importance.

Research Interests

Soil Biology

Systematics of Collembola and other basal Hexapoda

Evolutionary Biology

Biology of reproduction

Teaching Activities



Medical Entomology

Selected Publications

Pietro P. Fanciulli, Marco Gottardo, Romano Dallai, The spermatogenesis and oogenesis of the springtail Podura aquatica Linné, 1758 (Hexapoda: Collembola) Tissue and Cell 45, 211-218 (2013).

Flora A. Rutigliano, Massimo Migliorini, Oriana Maggi, Rosaria D'Ascoli, Pietro P. Fanciulli, Anna M. Persiani, Dynamics of fungi and fungivorous microarthropods in a Mediterranean maquis soil affected by experimental fire European Journal of Soil Biology 56, 33-43 (2013)

Pietro P. Fanciulli, Valentina Z. Zizzari, Francesco Frati, Romano Dallai, The ultrastructure of the ejaculatory duct in the springtail Orchesella villosa (Geoffroy) (Hexapoda, Collembola) and the formation of the spermatophore Tissue and Cell 44, 32-46 (2012)

Brent C. Emerson, Francesco Cicconardi, Pietro P Fanciulli, Peter J.A. Shaw, Phylogeny, phylogeography, phylobetadiversity and the molecular analysis of biological communities Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 366, 2391-2402 (2011)

Francesco Cicconardi, Francesco Nardi, Brent C. Emerson, Francesco Frati, Pietro P. Fanciulli, Deep phylogeographic divisions and long-term persistence of forest invertebrates (Hexapoda: Collembola) in the North-Western Mediterranean basin Molecular Ecology 19, 386-400 (2010)

Romano Dallai, Valentina Z. Zizzari, Pietro P. Fanciulli, Different sperm number in the spermatophores of Orchesella villosa (Geoffroy) (Entomobryidae) and Allacma fusca (L.) (Sminthuridae) Arthropod Structure & Development 38, 227-234 (2009)

Pietro P. Fanciulli, Antonio Carapelli, Massimo Belloni, Romano Dallai, Francesco Frati Allozyme variation in the springtails Allacma fusca and A. gallica (Collembola, Sminthuridae) Pedobiologia 52, 309-324 (2009)

Romano Dallai, Valentina Z. Zizzari, Pietro P. Fanciulli, The ultrastructure of the spermathecae in the Collembola Symphypleona (Hexapoda) Journal of Morphology 269, 1122-1133 (2008)

Romano Dallai, Valentina Z. Zizzari, Pietro P. Fanciulli, Fine structure of the spermatheca and of the accessory glands in Orchesella villosa (Collembola, hexapoda) Journal of Morphology 269, 464-478 (2008)

Pietro P. Fanciulli, Romano Dallai, Three new species of Collembola from north-east Italy ZOOTAXA 1701, 15-28 (2008)