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Giampiero CAI

foto Giampiero Cai
Biosketch and CV
  • Funding

Research project in the framework of the European Community (1997-2000 FW4).

Grant from the University of Siena (1999).

Research project in the framework of the European Community (2000-2003, FW5).

Grant from the PAR at the University of Siena (2002- 2004 - 2007).

Grant from the Ministry of University and Scientific Research in the framework of PRIN (2009)


  • Work experience

1993 -94, Biocine (Siena, Italy): research contract

1994 -99, University of Siena (Italy): Technician

2000 -01, University of Siena (Italy): research specialist

2001-Today, University of Siena (Italy): assistant Professor

Research Interests
  • Growth of the pollen tube
  • Self-incompatibility in plants
  • Expression of tubulin isoforms
  • Deposition and assembly of the cell wall
  • Environmental stress and plant cells
Research Group

Claudia Faleri

Cecilia Del Casino

Luigi Parrotta

Teaching Activities

Botany (degree course in Biotechnology)

Plant Biotechnology (degree course in Biotechnology)

Interactions between plant cells and the environment (MSc in Ecology and Environmental Sustainability)

Selected Publications
  1. S. Del Duca, C. Faleri, R.A. Iorio, M. Cresti, D. Serafini-Fracassini, G. Cai. Distribution of transglutaminase in pear pollen tubes in relation to cytoskeleton and membrane dynamics Plant Physiol. 161, 1706-1721 (2013)
  2. G. Cai, M. Cresti. Are kinesins required for organelle trafficking in plant cells? Front. Plant Sci. 3 (2012)
  3. G. Cai, C. Faleri, C. Del Casino, A.M.C. Emons, M. Cresti. Distribution of callose synthase, cellulose synthase, and sucrose synthase in tobacco pollen tube is controlled in dissimilar ways by actin filaments and microtubules. Plant Physiol. 155, 1169-1190 (2011)
  4. A. Di Sandro, S. Del Duca, E. Verderio, A.J. Hargreaves, A. Scarpellini, G. Cai, M. Cresti, C. Faleri, R.A. Iorio, S. Hirose, Y. Furutani, I.G.C. Coutts, M. Griffin, P.L.R. Bonner, D. Serafini-Fracassini
  5. An extracellular transglutaminase is required for apple pollen tube growth. Biochem. J. 429 261-271 (2010)
  6. S. Del Duca, G. Cai, A. Di Sandro, D. Serafini-Fracassini. Compatible and self-incompatible pollination in Pyrus communis displays different polyamine levels and transglutaminase activity. Amino Acids 38, 659-667 (2010)
  7. S. Del Duca, D. Serafini-Fracassini, P. Bonner, M. Cresti, G. Cai. Effects of post-translational modifications catalysed by pollen transglutaminase on the functional properties of microtubulesand actin filaments. Biochem. J. 418, 651-664 (2009)
  8. G. Cai, M. Cresti. Organelle motility in the pollen tube: A tale of 20 years. J. Exp. Bot. 60, 495-508 (2009)
  9. D. Persia, G.  Cai, C. Del Casino, C. Faleri, M.T.M. Willemse, M. Cresti. Sucrose synthase is associated with the cell wall of tobacco pollen tubes. Plant Physiol. 147, 1603-1618 (2008)
  10. S. Romagnoli, G. Cai, C. Faleri, E. Yokota, T. Shimmen, M. Cresti. Microtubule- and actin filament-dependent motors are distributed on pollen tube mitochondria and contribute differently to their movement. Plant Cell Physiol. 48, 345-361 (2007)
  11. S. Romagnoli, G. Cai, M. Cresti. In vitro assays demonstrate that pollen tube organelles use kinesin-related motor proteins to move along microtubules. Plant Cell 15, 251-269 (2003).