Claudia Angiolini
Biosketch and CV

Education: 1993  Degree in Natural Sciences “Cum Laude” University of Siena; 1998 PhD in Environmental Biology, University of Siena; 2000 Master in Vegetation analysis: survey and processing of floristic, vegetational end soil data, University of Ancona.

She deal with vegetation science and floristic studies, with emphasis on plant communities ecology, population ecology and phytosociology. Current research are in: i) ecology of wetlands and rivers with focus on distribution pattern of flora and phytocoenoses in Mediterranean sites; ii) fern population size and structures; iii) biogeographical aspects of plant communities considered priority habitats by the European Union. She is expert in statistical multivariate analysis of ecological data. She is Referee for many Scientific Journals.

Research Interests

Vegetation ecology


Plant population ecology

Research Group

Ilaria Bonini

Alessandro Chiarucci

Simona Maccherini

Teaching Activities

Lecturer in Sistematic Botany

Selected Publications

Angiolini C., Foggi B., Viciani D., Gabellini  A. (2007) -The acidophytic shrublands in the north-west of the Italian peninsula: ecology, chorology and syntaxonomy. Plant Biosystems 141(2): 134-163.

Landi M., Angiolini C. (2008) - Habitat characteristics and vegetation context of Osmunda regalis L. at the southern edge of its distribution in Europe. Botanica Helvetica, 118: 43-55.

Landi M., Frignani F., Lazzeri C., Angiolini C. (2009) - Abundance of orchids on calcareous grasslands in relation to community species, environmental, and vegetational conditions, Russian Journal of Ecology. 40 (7): 486-494.

Lastrucci L., Landi M., Angiolini C., (2010) - Vegetation analysis on wetlands in a Tuscan agricultural landscape (central Italy). Biologia, 65: 54-68.

Landi M., Angiolini C. (2010) - Osmundo–Alnion woods in Tuscany (Italy): A phytogeographical analysis from a west European perspective. Plant Biosystems, 144(1): 93-110.

Landi A., Angiolini C. (2011) - Population structure of Osmunda regalis in relation to environment and vegetation: an example in the Mediterranean area. Folia Geobotanica, 46: 49-68.

Angiolini C., Nucci A., Frignani F., Landi M. (2011) - Using multivariate analyses to assess effects of fluvial type on plant species distribution in a Mediterranean river. Wetlands , 31:167-177.

Landi M., Piazzini S., Nucci A., Saveri C., Angiolini C. (2012) - Can macrophytes be a surrogate for amphibians and physico-chemical features in pond classifications? Aquatic Botany, 101: 1-7.

Nucci A., Angiolini C., Landi M., Bacchetta G. (2012) - Regional and local patterns of riparian flora: comparison between insular and continental Mediterranean rivers. Ecoscience, 19(3): 213-224.

Angiolini C., Landi M., Pieroni G., Frignani F., Finoia M.G., Gaggi C. (2013) - Soil chemical features as key predictors of plant community occurrence in a Mediterranean coastal ecosystem. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 119: 91-100.